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How To Grow After A Breakup

A major relationship break-up can be one of the most stressful and traumatic events in life. Splitting with a person you have been with a long time and might have envisaged spending the rest of your life with can have a major psychological impact and for many, it can be a scarring experience that it is hard to move on from.

This can bring a number of challenges that a relationship life coach can help you with, both to heal and also to grow, so that you can gain some benefits, learn lessons and ready yourself for the day when you can enter another relationship without the burden of the past having a negative effect on it.

Firstly, to heal, you will need to focus on not blaming yourself for everything, feeling negative or believing you are unattractive. If you were broken up with it might be easy to think that every relationship you enter will fail, or that people will split up with you once they discover the ‘real you’.

The first thing is to understand that this is not the whole truth. After all, many people who have been happily married for years suffered heartbreak and rejection previously.

At the same time, the best approach is through personal growth. This way, you can learn positively, make improvements in areas where you know you have to - including not just your own general self but specifically decision making about relationships - and make the most of your new personal freedom.

These can include learning new skills or academic success, a new hobby, improved friendships or family relationships and other benefits drawn from being reflective, realistic and then determined to put past lessons into practice.

Break-ups can be very painful. But by using your time positively to improve yourself and your life, you can take big strides towards developing both the strength and attributes to both enter into a new relationship in good time and make a success of it.

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