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The Most Common Lies People Tell That Hold Them Back

One of the most important traits a lifestyle coach needs to provide advice that can truly enrich people’s lives is the ability to understand the perspectives that people look at their lives and the lives of others.

A lot of people tend to struggle with understanding the reasons why they feel a particular way and either by accident or as a deliberate coping mechanism, end up lying to themselves about our thoughts, feelings and desires and the deeper meanings behind us.

In some cases, this is largely harmless or the lie is close enough to the truth to not hurt anyone. For others, however, this can become a barrier that can lock us away from our true potential.

Here are the lies we tell ourselves that ensure we get in our own way, and how we can get around that.

I’m Not Good Enough

It is painful to hear people say that they are not good enough to succeed at what they want to achieve because outside of attempting the outright impossible, you are good enough to learn, build yourself up and succeed.

Everyone has a unique story to tell and has unique skills and abilities in which to tell it. The key is to believe you can and do the work to prove yourself right.

Once you have that, you can start to enjoy the journey and realise just how far you have come.

It Is Too Late Now

The most common lie that many professionals tell themselves is that it is too late for them to follow their dreams and try to be the person they wanted to be when they were younger.

It can be easy to see the incredible feats of the incredibly young and feel like you missed your chance. Mary Shelley had her first book, Frankenstein, published at the age of just 18 after all, so why should you start writing now?

It is never too late. Days of Blue and Flame by Sarah Yerkes was the debut of an author at the age of 101.

Even outside of the world of literature, there are amazing stories. The oldest debutant footballer started his career at the age of 44, and the fitness instructor and former professional wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page started his career at 35, winning the world championship for the first time at 42.

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