Durwayne McPherson

Your Source To Personal Growth

My coaching is proactive, science-based, solution-focused, compassionate, non-judgmental and empowering. Through coaching – an alternative to counselling – I help my clients improve, or make a decision about a significant matters that is affecting their happiness and sometimes also their health.

I help clients improve their lives by resolving issues at the root cause. I help clients to achieve big changes, quickly. Majority of my clients usually achieve their goals in just 3-6 sessions, many in 3-4, session. Much faster than you’d usually expect to achieve in a counselling/therapy program. 

Relationship Anxiety
Another portion of my clients are still struggling to connect and find Happiness, Love, Commitment and Trust with someone. Most of the time it’s because they toggle with the fear of rejection or relationship anxiety and/or other physical or emotional insecurities when it comes to pursuing someone of interest or allowing themselves to be open and vulnerable in with a new partner. Sometimes it’s a case of teaching my clients how to make peace with a past relationship experience in order for them to move forward and become open to love and romantic partnership again.

Physical Insecurities
Quite regularly my clients are coming from a place of health related concerns. Their professional life has taken such a toll on their mental, emotional and physical health. This leads to a lot of yoyo dieting, fluctuating weight gain/weight loss. The overwhelming professional responsibilities, commitments and high volume workload often takes its toll on their bodies and effect their relationship and intimacy with themselves and their partners. I teach my clients how to easily and effectively manage their nutritional habits and physical fitness. This has had a grand impact on their  self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn has boosted their romance and intimacy. 

A Bit About My Clients

I work with CEO’s, Managing Directors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, police Officers, doctors/Nurses, HR Professionals, Wives/Housewives, counsellors, Corporate Executives, Ex-Athletes, Lawyer/solicitors, and many more titles.

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