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Durwayne McPherson

Your Source To Personal Growth

After navigating my own challenging life transitions and relationship struggles, I felt called to help others work through complex situations to create fulfilling lives and partnerships. This passion led me to found ShapeU Training and Consulting Ltd - a relationship and life coaching practice dedicated to personal growth and transformation.

As a certified coach, I create a supportive, judgement-free space for you to do the important work of understanding yourself more deeply. My coaching approach is tailored to help you overcome specific obstacles, get clarity on your needs and values, and take inspired action.

For individuals, I'll guide you through times of feeling stuck, transitions, grief, and longing for more fulfilment. My life coaching services empower you to define what a meaningful life looks like for you.

For couples, I facilitate a deeper connection by improving communication, identifying needs, navigating challenges, and cultivating more intimacy. My relationship coaching reawakens understanding and passion.

While listening with care and compassion, I also provide the structure and accountability to drive real change. I blend my training with my own life experience to help you transform all areas of your life beyond what you imagined possible.

If you're ready to elevate your relationships and create a fulfilling life, take the first step and contact me. I'd be honoured to support your journey toward happiness and self-discovery.


What Clients Have Said

I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!


Good evening Durwayne, I do want to thank you for today. Have all this energy and something clicked in me. I can and need to take charge of my life. Im not living to my full potential. I want to start your personal coaching Program.

I want to express what I'm feeling.. Its good energy and i need to be more confident. 

I want my voice to be heard through my confidence.

I want to look and feel good about this wonderful woman I am.

I want to do things and say things and experience things like never before.

Have a Blessed Night.. Thanks Again :)

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Relationship Coaching

Improve Your Relationships,



And Well-Being

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Life Coaching & Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

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Do you work on personal or professional type goals?

Either or both. Depending on the types of life coach you seek out, you may work with Durwayne McPherson to improve your business, start a new entrepreneurial endeavour, improve your health through diet and exercise or improve your relationships with loved ones. In many cases, Durwayne McPherson will help you in multiple areas of life as they are all connected to your ultimate well-being.

If I’m already successful, would I still benefit from a coach?

When you look at the life coach definition we shared above, you’ll notice it does not restrict Durwayne McPherson to only helping those in crisis or those who are not achieving enough. Unlike therapy, life coaching is meant to help a wide variety of people – including those who are already running successful businesses, are healthy or who have thriving relationships. Durwayne McPherson knows there is always more that their clients can achieve and enjoy working with those in all stages of their lives.

If I start coaching, will I need to work with my coach for the rest of my life?

No. Many people worry about becoming dependent on their coach, but Durwayne Mcpherson knows that creating independence and strength of mind is their top goal. He does not teach you to be dependent on his  opinions or advice. Instead, He creates self-empowerment so that you will be able to make changes on your own.

How long will I need to commit to working with a coach?

If you are ultimately serious about solid unconditional results, we recommend you stay in the program for at least one year. This will allow you to build trust with your coach and develop effective strategies for you to achieve your goals.

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