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Do Heatwaves Make You Feel Worse?

While lots of people love the news that hot weather is on its way, for many, it is something they dread, as the rise in temperature also leads to a rise in depressive and anxiety symptoms.

The UK is currently preparing for one of the hottest heatwaves it has seen in a long time, with the Met Office even saying there is a 20 per cent chance of reaching the highest temperature on record, beating the current high of 38.7C in 2019.

In fact, it has issued an amber weather warning for Sunday (July 16th), Monday and Tuesday, predicting temperatures of over 35C in the southeast and above 32C in many areas of the country.

For some people, this means getting their bathing suit on, hitting the beach, cooling down with ice-creams or enjoying a splash in the paddling pool with the kids. However, extremely high temperatures have also been connected with an increase in anxiety and more symptoms of depression among those who already suffer with these mental health conditions.

According to statistics published in Science Direct, every 1C increase in average monthly temperatures results in a 2.2 per cent rise in deaths related to mental health problems.

In addition to this, high humidity levels are connected with an increase in manic behaviour among bipolar sufferers, while psychiatric drugs become less effective the hotter it is.

The Conversation also recognises that extreme temperatures can affect someone’s ability to think and reason, leading to frustration, aggression, violence, and feeling flustered and overwhelmed.

If you feel your depression or anxiety symptoms worsen over the hot weekend, contact a personal life coach today.

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