Durwayne Mcpherson is a self-driven fitness educator, personal trainer, youtuber and social media influencer who is known for his fun and ground-breaking ways to get people in shape. He aims to achieve the best results from his clients by coaching them in the best ways of overcoming, Physical and Psychological obstacles to meet their targets. As-well as, being a Motivation for many of his followers. As owner of Shape U, he has crafted his own programs that fitted accordingly to his clients and followers. He dwells and exhibits by the aphorism that wellbeing is a feeling not a look but believes passionately in his operation to get all his followers moving!

Durwayne has appeared in numerous fitness shows, competition and magazines as WBFF European Championship fitness model, Miami Pro European Championship Fitness model, Miami Pro UK Championship fitness model, Mister International Male Pageant, ActiveHearts Magazines Health Fitness and Motivational Writer, MonstaMag (Fashion Magazine) – Male Fashion Model. He is also known to have  worked with some of the world’s best photographers and Published Articles on Fitness, Nutrition and Overcoming Physical Obstacles.

Durwayne is qualified in Level 4 Personal Trainer , Bsc Business Management and leadership , Certified Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity & Diabetes, Certified Level 3 in Exercise Referral, Certified Level 3 Award in designing Exercise Programs (pre-post-natal), Certified Nutrition Adviser. 

 You can also find Durwayne on social media where he motivates, thrives and continues to inspire his followers to keep moving, stay active, health and fit.